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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a Business Resource Planning. In plain terms, it is a compendium of systems that centralize the internal operations performed by a company: product distribution, logistics, production, human resources, etc …

When we talk about synchronizing the ERP with our E-COMMERCE, many companies may consider the real need to do so. And this answers a single question that involves a headache for many entrepreneurs: resource optimization. We talk about optimizing both personal (time) and economic resources (costs) because the ERP software offers a platform where all the information related to processes and operations carried out daily is gathered. This positively affects productivity and that is why the vast majority of Spanish companies have this software.

Technological advances continue to be echoed and the customer seeks an immediacy that, today, can only be achieved through online stores. ERP systems allow us to expedite the work involved in e-commerce through operations management. Your ERP software must be properly adjusted to the needs of your company to get the most out of it and can be transmitted to your target audience.

What is the synchronization of ERP with e-commerce?

From ALCALINK we take care of synchronizing your E-COMMERCE with an ERP software so that communication between both platforms flows. Knowing the importance of an effective ERP, we will make a personalized synchronization that specifically suits your company and your methodology. In addition to the synchronization of data between the ERP and the E-COMMERCE, this software will allow you to obtain a constant feedback of the processes and operations developed through your online store: order status, customers, distribution, etc.

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