Migration from other E-commerce

Migration from other E-commerce


Forget about obsolete platforms of complicated operation and whose update or maintenance becomes unfeasible. Contact Alcalink to migrate your e-commerce to take advantage of Prestashop.

Alcalink offers you a team of experts who will migrate your online store to a new Prestashop project.

How to optimize my online business?


E-commerce is a platform for the distribution and purchase-sale of products, services or information through the Internet. There are different platforms to bring it to fruition and from Alcalink we offer you the possibility to migrate your online store to Prestashop.

Prestashop can be a necessary change for your e-commerce due to the multiple advantages it presents to other platforms. It is an environment of easy interpretation and with great possibilities to reach numerous points at international level. After ten years, Prestashop has developed an open source and collaboration with an ecosystem of experts to provide proven software.

Advantages of Prestashop as an e-commerce platform

  1. It is a platform of easy access and use for all the customers, with or without experience in the use of electronic commerce.
  2. Prestashop connects to an ecosystem with other international e-commerce experts.
  3. With more than one million members worldwide, Prestashop has helped people from more than 195 countries start their online business.
  4. It is a software with various functionalities that allow you to fully manage your business.
  5. Prestashop offers a “scalable” solution that facilitates the development of your online store quickly.
  6. Among the more than 5000 modules and themes available you can make an exhaustive monitoring of the development of your online business.
  7. You can enjoy PrestaShop software with a cost of development and maintenance twice as low as that of other platforms.
  8. We have a team of hosting specialists that will facilitate performance management in online stores with high traffic.