SEM with Adwords

SEM is an acronym that means “Search Engine Marketing” and groups all those marketing actions that influence search engines. Basically, it is a set of actions that aims to increase the visibility of a product or the accessibility of a web page through search engines.

Although there are many platforms for which an SEM campaign can be carried out, in Alcalink we will focus on Google Adwords as it is the most used worldwide in terms of advertising.

For an effective SEM campaign we must first choose some keywords or keywords that make it easier to make us visible to potential customers when they search on Google. In Alcalink we will help you choose the keywords that best define your products or services and the content of the ad to gain accessibility. In addition, we advise you on the choice of the network to publish the SEM campaign – search or display -.

In Alcalink we are experts in online marketing, so we understand the importance of developing an effective SEM that allows you to achieve your results. For this, the success lies in attending to different aspects.

One of the guarantees for your ad to work perfectly on Google is that the text is optimized. This will attract more visitors and improve your positioning in Google Ads.
What we are looking for is that your ad get the best clickthrough rate; to promote the success of your advertising campaign. In Alcalink we will help you optimize your texts so that they are attractive to users.

Once we have the optimized ad text, the next logical step is to choose where we want to show it. In addition to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, there are websites where we can introduce advertising banners or social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

In Alcalink we will advise you to choose the right platforms looking to meet the needs of your target audience as well as to combine the content of your website with the content of the page where you want to insert advertising.

An adequate study of the market and long-term user behavior gives you very relevant information. Analyzing this data will help us choose when to launch SEM campaigns. There are times of the year where users report more demand for our services and we must take advantage of that need. For this, it is important to increase visibility at those times.