SEO audit

Why conduct an SEO audit?


An SEO Audit is the previous step to optimize the SEO positioning of a Website, regardless of whether your website or online store is made with WordPress, Prestashop or any other CMS (contentmanagementsystem).

The SEO Audit will show all those internal and external aspects that must be optimized, why they should be corrected and what is the recommended action in each case. It is the tool that will allow us to know possible errors and toxic links that affect conversions and also provide us with a detailed knowledge of the web structure. There are several reasons why you are interested in doing an SEO audit:

  1. Stay on top of Google updates. How could it be otherwise, the algorithm and optimization rules that underlie the Google platform follow a constant change. These affect the content of our website, and more importantly, our positioning in Google. An SEO audit will allow you to keep up to date with changes in the algorithm, to adapt our website to these changes so as not to lose positions.
  2. Identify the most effective keywords. An SEO audit will allow you to know the most relevant keywords in your sector in addition to your positioning in them. This will guide decision making so that you maintain or raise positions in the necessary keywords.
  3. Optimize the indexing of your content. In order for Google to treat your website well, it needs to know what type of content it is that you develop. To do this, you need to offer it following a hierarchical and organized structure. An SEO audit will give you information about the architecture of your website to make changes where required.
  4. Know loading speed. Users are used to having information on hand and on demand. According to Google, your website has a window of opportunity of 3 seconds to satisfy the doubt of your potential client. An SEO audit will reveal the loading speed of your website to know its effectiveness.

What benefits does an SEO audit bring to your business?

Claves para Buscadores

Search Engine Keys

Identify the pending optimization factors and define the recommended action in each case to launch you to the top positions.
Plan Personalizado

Custom Plan

It provides a customized SEO Optimization Plan that will help you position your website effectively.


It clearly shows the aspects to work to increase visibility and quality traffic that can potentially be transformed into sales.

How do we perform your SEO audit at Alcalink?


In Alcalink we work with precision the internal and external analysis of your website, in order to detect those factors that are not optimized and the possible incidents that may hinder its good positioning in search engines such as Google. We also indicate the changes you need to make on your website to comply with the parameters that search engines deem necessary to achieve a good positioning.

First, we will conduct a study of your links profile, as well as that of your competition, to know what, how and where to act so that your site is a reference in your sector. We will review more than 120 internal and external factors of your website, clearly identifying each of the problems. In addition, we will review the On-page structure and content and the results that your website is obtaining in searches.


 ➤ Carrying out a visibility study and keywords positioned in the top search engine positions. This will allow us to know the starting point and set objectives, and after a reference period, to perform an analysis of the results obtained.

 ➤ Verification of search engine indexed URLs regarding published URLs.

 ➤ Website architecture review (content hierarchy, internal links, structure H1, H2,…, descriptions, keyword density,…)

 ➤ WPO measurement and description of the elements that impair the loading speed.



 ➤ Verification of the web authority according to the authority of the complete domain and that of each specific page.

 ➤ Analysis of the number of web pages that link us or Backlinks and their authority.



  ➤ Finally, we will issue a REPORT in which we will explain how to solve each one of them.

  ➤ Of course we also give you the SUPPORT necessary to solve these problems by placing at your disposal our SEO Positioning Packs.