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SEO Organic Positioning


SEO positioning in Google is the essential digital marketing channel to get traffic to a Website. It is essential to reach the top positions in Google to increase the number of visits, but it is also essential that this traffic is of quality and attracts the target that increases the conversion rate in sales.

At Alcalink we have years of experience in services of the digital marketing sector. We have developed a procedure that has proven its effectiveness in companies in the most diverse sectors. Through a series of operations developed before, during and after the implementation of the strategy, we will improve your organic positioning. We take care of all the details to ensure continued and growing success of your business.

You will have at your disposal a team of SEO experts who, after analyzing your web project, will advise you and carry out the appropriate strategies to increase the number of visits to your website and, consequently, the number of potential potential customers.

What advantages offer our specialists in SEO?

Our long history in this sector has allowed us to position a high number of websites in the top search positions . Our team consists of some of the most prestigious professionals nationwide.
We work under a progressive methodology that increases the visibility of your website until it reaches the top search positions, to achieve stable and ever increasing traffic.
With our Linkbuilding strategy your site will have a good link profile that will attract a lot of quality visits, which will increase the web authority.
We attract to your website not only users who make simple visits, but those who perform searches related to your business and who have great possibilities of becoming potential customers .
We work all business sectors , whatever the product or service you want to position. We study each project individually to define the most successful strategy based on the competence of each sector.
We get the customer to associate your business as the reference firm in the sector , by always being in the top search positions. Undoubtedly this becomes a notable increase in sales.
We study in depth the reference sector and the website to be positioned to perform a completely tailored strategy with which to obtain the best results .
When making an SEO strategy, we attract quality traffic to your website in an organic way, that is, without cost of payment per click on each visit received.
It is proven that our SEO strategy is effective . To achieve this, some patience is necessary for a few months and a close collaboration between both parties.

What you will find in our SEO packs


We analyze your profile and that of your competition as well as the structure of your website to know the aspects to work so that you are a reference in the sector.

  • We will carry out a thorough study and a selection of keywords according to the characteristics of your business that serve to achieve quality traffic, from a segmented and objective audience. The objective is to increase the conversion rate of your visits.

  • We will study the companies that have authority in the searches to see how they have structured their content. Thus, we will obtain a keyword ranking that will allow us to set the target keywords to position.

  • Original and quality content will be created and duplications existing within the website will be reviewed. An adequate content architecture will be established, with a hierarchy of well-structured headings in addition to a relevant keyword density.

  • The titles and descriptions of the home and main categories will be reviewed and rewritten where necessary. In addition, the ALT attributes will be automated in the corresponding images.

  • We will review the structure of the permanent links and also solve the possible broken links to generate simple and friendly URLs that facilitate indexing by Google.

  • We will create and configure the sitemap.xml file to make it easier for search engines to index the pages included in the website.

  • The loading speed depends on the server where the hosting is hosted, the cache memory, the multimedia optimization and the website code, together with the modules or plug-ins installed.

  • We will optimize the internal navigation structure, to improve the user experience, help improve the positioning of the keywords and boost efficiency in the indexing of the website.

  • Google Analytics accounts will be set up to analyze web traffic and its behavior. Also Google Search Console for a correct tracking of errors that affect the web ranking.


It is essential to enhance visibility so that Google also considers that it should place the Website in the top search positions.

  • We will give special importance to a studied strategy of Backlinks. We will achieve quality links on other websites with authority that send quality traffic to your Website.

  • We will create exclusive and useful content, which convert your website into an interesting reference page to other websites, so that they link to our own site.

  • The goal will be for your website to gain authority and improve its visibility index to achieve the highest number of key terms in the top positions of Google.


Carrying out continuous progress monitoring will help us define the strategy so that the progress towards the first search positions is stable and growing and is maintained once achieved.

  • The position that the key terms established in the contracted modality occupy in the main search engines will be controlled. This is necessary to carry out a strategy with the objective of reaching the top positions.

  • Finally, continuous monitoring of the progress of the SEO positioning of your website will be facilitated. For this, you will receive a detailed report every month that will show, among other aspects, the visibility index along with its evolution, as well as the ranking of interest of the keywords that are among the top positions in the Google indexes. It will also show a list of the main competitors offering the position that your website occupies in the list.

When will I start seeing results?

SEO positioning is the most stable in time after performing the most appropriate actions in each specific case. It is of increasing character as long as a constant work is dedicated to it continuously. That is why some initial patience is needed and in just a few months you will be able to observe results important enough to amortize the investment made and consider renewing our services and even increasing the initial investment.

This estimated term may vary depending on the sector to be positioned and may even be shorter in the case of very specific market niches and with reduced competition.

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