If you have reached this section it is because your product or service already has a certain track record in online sales. It has successfully passed the initial phase of any business and at this time the created sales environment is already obsolete. It is normal that as your company advances, modifications or updates have to be introduced so that your online store continues to be attractive or to increase its functionality.

In Alcalink we will continuously monitor the progress of your e-commerce platform so that it is up to date and grows with your business. Thus, we take care of updating your version of Prestashop, your installed themes or your Prestashop template.

Types of updates we perform

De versión Prestashop

From Prestashop

When you need to install a module to expand the functionality of e-commerce and its version is incompatible with previous versions of Prestashop.
De Tema Prestashop

From Prestashop theme

When the theme installed does not get the objectives or sales requirements set by the company, despite being developed on one of the latest versions of Prestashop.
De Tema y Versión

Topic and Version

It is the most frequent update. It starts from an e-commerce made in an old version of Prestashop that offers problems to install newly developed modules or presents an appearance that does not work properly on mobile devices.

How do we update your Prestashop e-commerce in Alcalink?


The update of your Prestashop platform does not occur without consequences, but usually has a great impact on the web positioning or in the accumulated database. At Alcalink we guarantee that the update process takes care of these aspects so as not to lose the progress made in the initial stages of your online business.



The update usually affects the web positioning so it is necessary to study the positioning in search engines prior to the update of the Prestashop e-commerce to minimize this effect.
First, aspects such as the visibility index and the number of keywords in first positions should be evaluated to know if these data are relevant and if it is necessary to perform actions that prevent or minimize their fall during the update. This will ensure that, afterwards, the positioning is reinforced.


Likewise, the databases of products and customers existing in the Prestashop e-commerce that you wish to update must be properly treated. First, it must be assessed if the cost of such transfer is proportional to the usefulness of the information transferred. In addition, it should be a more cost effective option than manually entering data. Ultimately, the transfer of information must be done correctly.


After taking into account the aspects of SEO positioning and existing databases, you must choose between performing the update on the Template already installed (to install a new version of it) or choose a new topic, more current and with more functionality.

If you do not consider the aforementioned aspects, updating your Prestashop version can be a disaster, capable of ruining any business. That is why when choosing who should perform the update, you must opt for a Prestashop certified agency, which is also an expert in SEO positioning, to have the guarantee that the implementation and development of the update meets the maximum guarantees of correct operation

Alcalink meets both requirements. On the one hand, we are Prestashop Platinum Certified Agency, an aspect that offers full guarantee of development by experts certified by Prestashop. On the other hand, Alcalink is an Agency specialized in Online Marketing Strategies, and more specifically in SEO. Therefore, we will perform all the necessary procedures so that the update is almost imperceptible in the visibility of the website.