Wordpress development experts

In Alcalink we are experts in wordpress developments, the reference content management system (CMS) for the creation of dynamic websites, characterized by its flexibility and the large number of functionalities that it allows to implement.

Our team of specialized WordPress developers will create a powerful web page for you, with a totally professional and personalized design according to the Corporate Image of your project. If you are looking for something even more specific and you cannot find the template or plugin that includes that functionality, we will facilitate the development according to your needs.

We want to help you launch your project. We propose an optimized design to increase your visibility index, facilitate access to the target audience and raise your conversion rate. After launching the project we will continue to support you with our maintenance packages.

1. Wordpress uses an open source

What does this mean? That is a type of software that is developed by free-form programmers around the world. They cooperate to update their functionalities and adapt it to the continuous changes in the user experience.

2. It is updated continuously

It is the quintessential software for content management and has around 76 million web pages globally. Thanks to its open source and its popularity, developers find new features and improvements to introduce Wordpress.

3. Easy to use

Una vez instalado el Wordpress, subir y actualizar contenidos te resultará sumamente fácil. Se trata de un software muy intuitivo.

4. The word “Wordpress” generates 37 million searches … per month!

This software has a privileged place in Google searches. Its structure is easily indexed by Google robots. If your content follows the premises that we indicate to improve SEO positioning, your website will further increase its value for Google.

5. Allows a 100% responsive design

One of the most important features of Wordpress is that its design is adapted for any type of device, be it smartphone, computer or tablet. This allows you to reach all types of users, regardless of their device of choice.