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How do we work?

*This methodology is totally valid for developments of Websites made by ALCALINK in any CMS (Prestashop, WordPress, …)

In ALCALINK we are very transparent with our clients when carrying out the contracted Projects. Our objective is that the client knows at all times in which phase his project is and if any action is necessary on his part to contribute to its development.

On the other hand, having our processes standardized considerably facilitates the agility and quality of work in order to deliver to the client the Project contracted in the minimum possible term, always under the most optimal quality standards.

For all this, for a better orientation of the client, we facilitate this Work Methodology, which also includes the Payment Method, as well as the Steps to be followed by both parties.


1. Consultancy
  • We carry out a detailed analysis of the information provided by the client, we study the options available and we propose the most successful proposal for your project.

2. Custom Sheet
  • ALCALINK will send the Project Commission Sheet to the client. The customer will return a signed copy to ALCALINK within 15 calendar days of being sent..
  • Upon receipt of the signed Order Sheet, ALCALINK will issue and send the corresponding invoice to the First Delivery, so that the customer can proceed to pay by bank transfer.

3. Work order
  • At this step and after completing the previous two, the project will be included in the Work Order of the Development Department.


4. Work team
  • A work team will be assigned to the contracted development. ALCALINK will communicate to the client the person responsible for said work team, who will be the intermediary for any aspect related to the project.
  • In the event that the client needs to contact the person in charge of the project, they may do so at any time by email, and will be attended as soon as possible. This system records the communication and guarantees the effectiveness of our work team

5. Data collection
  • To facilitate the preparation of the Web content, ALCALINK will send the Data Collection document by email to the client, requesting the necessary information and documentation for the creation of the sections of the Website that require it, as well as to lay the foundations of the structure, contents and architecture of the Web.
  • It is essential to return this Data Collection in an agile and effective way to contribute to the effectiveness in the development of the Project.

6. Project Realization
  • The assigned Work Team will carry out the Project according to the chosen package and the estimated term, facilitating adequate usability on the Internet and proper operation.

7. Review and Approval
  • The client may review the Project, prior to commissioning, to verify that the development has been carried out according to the contracted standards.
  • Then ALCALINK will issue and send the corresponding invoice to the Second Delivery, so that the customer can proceed to pay by bank transfer to the account number indicated on it.


8. Domain and Hosting
  • The requested web domain will be registered and the web will be uploaded according to the contracted Hosting.

9. Website Activation
  • According to both parties, the Web will be launched officially and will be online for the general public, in addition to registering it on Google and major Internet search engines.

10. Training
  • Timely training will be provided to the client to manage their Website quickly and efficiently.


In our developments we use different CMS Opensource applications (Prestashop, WordPress, etc.) that are not owned by ALCALINK E-COMMERCE & SEO, S.L.L. These CMS are free to download and their source code is open and can be modified without license restrictions.

Our services include the implementation and development of these applications, as well as the rest of the products and services associated with them, for which optimum performance is offered.

In the case of Prestashop, ALCALINK is certified as a Platinum agency, recognition that enables us to develop projects of this type with the highest quality and efficiency.

ALCALINK E-COMMERCE & SEO, S.L.L. It offers ONE YEAR WARRANTY for its developments, as long as no external code modification is made on them. This WARRANTY encompasses the occasional failures derived from the implementation and development process. ALCALINK E-COMMERCE & SEO, S.L.L. It is not responsible for possible failures in the programming of such applications, but only for the developments and services offered alongside them.

The possible modifications or extensions of the project will be subject to new evaluation.

ALCALINK E-COMMERCE & SEO, S.L.L. ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es potenciar la investigación, el desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación y gracias al que ha podido implantar el sistema de gestion de calidad ISO9001. Esta acción ha tenido lugar durante 2020. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del programa InnoCámaras de la Cámara de Comercio de Lorca.